by The Sheds



released June 5, 2012



all rights reserved


The Sheds Agoura Hills, California

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Track Name: Self Doubt
Can’t go home to a house full of hate
A place that judges me as soon as I wake
Sleep doesn’t last
I wake to a living nightmare

I know I know I’m wrong
because I think for myself
As selfish as it sounds
I do it all for me and no one else

These sad songs are the soundtrack to my life
And I’ll sing along
Track Name: Slash & Burn
When you said family did you think it would last
The way you slash and burn whatever is in your path
It makes me sick the way you deal
Well I’m on to you soon I’ll be gnawing at your heels

I’ll leave you with this warning, a peaceful aside
There’s more to life than pain and battle cries
My words don’t change much and neither does my mind
If I don’t make a difference at least I know I tried

It must be pretty easy going on and on again
Living through each other, through all your other friends
But maybe you’ll grow older and then one day you’ll see
How you destroyed the rest of your family

The music in my head won’t let me rest
The muscles in my throat won’t let me scream
Can’t sing myself to sleep tonight
Will I ever sleep again
I’ll sleep when I’m dead
Track Name: Heart (ft. Joe B & Tim of Transit)
I don’t need excuses or reasons to be a man
I’ve dealt with more than you’ll ever understand
I’m one disappointment after another
So share some wisdom from one to another

The hate in your chest and the hole in your heart
How do they fulfill you, where did it start

(this world) This cold world that’s waiting outside
It’s not afraid to tell me it’s not on my side
Of course you’ve got demons well I’ve got mine too
The difference is are yours are created by you

Thanks for the inspiration, I’ll show you fucking heart
Maybe I’ll give you a story and not some bullshit art
The weight of this world may be too heavy to bear
But when it crashes down on you you’ll see how much I care

The lies you tell don’t seem to end,
a wall of truth that will break once it bends
It’ll bury you deep, I tell you you’re done
let’s watch that slick tongue get you out of this one
words like teeth, a bite will break skin
no god of mine will relieve for your sins
I tell you, I dare you, I beg you to stop
Instead I’ll just wait for the bottle to drop

I’ll build you up
I’ll watch you fall
When you crumble to pieces
There will be nothing at all
Track Name: Counting Sheep
For finally being figured out
I’ve never been more lost
These days drag on forever
Might as well hang from a cross
Displayed for everyone to see
Reach out as they stare up at me
Realize I look down on them
Such conformity I won’t accept

This world won’t take my differences
I won’t be shackled down like this

This black sheep lays up all night
20 questions stuck in my mind
“if we’re all made as equals why is perfection so hard to find”
can’t count on sheep so I will think myself to sleep again
can’t find solace, can’t find a place to lay my head

Have you ever loved something that didn’t love you back
Have you ever watched your wheels fall off the track
I never thought I’d say this, Guess I spoke too soon
But I guess I’m just not meant to bleed the same blood as you

I know you’re helpless, watching your life fall apart
I know you’re worthless, just like me
Track Name: Namesake
The past is the past and it will forever stay dead
But I won’t let these memories clear from my head

Our mural of strength has been painted black
Our idol has fallen we must bring him back
Those soft eyes have been sad too long
They watched us grow through our rights and wrongs

The hurt in your head can’t be worse than the hurt in our hearts
The weight on your chest can be lighter if you want

The earth spins like it or not
It won’t wait for you
I want to know where these habits came from
This is not the man I knew

When I close my eyes
When I dream at night
I think…

The hurt in your head can’t be worse than the hurt in our hearts
The weight on your chest can be lighter if you want
The counter is covered in doubt
You’ve spilled it from inside
It leaves you with nowhere left to hide

The past is in the past, it will forever stay dead
But I won’t let these memories clear from my head