.​.​.​And Now for Something Completely Different

by The Sheds

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released April 12, 2011

Mac Miller - Lead Vocals
Evan Miller - Bass/Vocals
Morgan Miller - Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Teplitz - Saxophone
Mark Blaker - Drums

Produced/Engineered/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Alex Estrada at the Earth Capital in Los Angeles

All music by The Sheds
All lyrics by Mac Miller

Artwork by Ben Sears (bsearsdesign@gmail.com)



all rights reserved


The Sheds Agoura Hills, California

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Track Name: Cycles (ft. Matt Lanners)
I know where I have been
Not quite sure where I’m going
The world spins on without a hitch
Without my friends all by my side
Moving on is quite a ride
We talked about it but it came too soon

When you’re here nothing ever seems wrong
It’s wrong, it’s always wrong when you’re gone

When it finally comes my turn
You won’t be where I’m gonna be
It’s a vicious cycle
And I’ll never, ever be ahead
I won’t look back, I won’t even think
About those bad times before you left

You’re gone, I can’t move on and things will never be the same
Track Name: Roadrash
The little things aren’t loved until they are taken away
I miss my friends and family every single day
Five thousand miles between you and the place you call home
Make you realize what it’s like to be alone

Let me be me, I’ll be naïve
I’ll be crass, forever young
Fucked enough to care, not what you think but who I want to be

The road it takes me away
It leads me home (it’s all I have, it’s who I want to be)

Complete isolation from my best friends
It seems surreal like this dream never ends
If you’re the only one I see when I get home
I’ll be alright, I’ll be untouchable
Track Name: Counting Sheep
For finally being figured out i've never been more lost
these days drag on forever, i might as well hang from a cross
displayed for everyone to see, I wait as they stare up at me
realize I look down on them, such conformity I won't accept

this world won't take my differences
I won't be shackled down like this

This black sheep lays up all night
20 questions stuck in my mind
"If we're all made as equals, why is perfection so hard to find?"
Can't count on sheep so i'll think myself to sleep again
can't find solace, can't find a place to lay my head

Have you ever loved something that didn't love you back?
Have you ever watched the wheels fall off the track?
I never thought i'd say this, guess i spoke too soon
but I am just not meant to bleed the same blood as you
Track Name: Wrathbone
There are always fingers to be pointed
When there’s no one else around
Sweep it all under the rug
The world will never hear a sound
You’ll never know what it’s like
To be part of this tragedy
You’ll never feel the pain and the greed

Worn out, bitter, sad, and tired
Afraid this apathy will never leave me

Let’s find beauty in the ruins, of what it used to be
Let’s make what it is a distant memory
It’s only in your head, the hate and tragedy
Let’s find peace in the wreckage, find the harmony

Hopeless in nature, spiteful inside
I’ll deal with this until I die
Empty promises leave me tattered and torn
I won’t go to sleep tonight
The images still burned into my eyes
Why expect anything, I’ll always feel worthless inside
Track Name: Straps
This is bullshit, what you do to me
You take, take, take, there is nothing left for me
Lie right to my face, making me a fool
Was I ever more than just your fucking tool

I’m moving on
Here’s your middle finger, cut straight to the bone
I figured you out, the side you’d never show
Security’s an illusion, you don’t know what you want
So you take everything, everything I’ve got

Immaturity is an excuse but never a reason
What you have done, my dear, is just social treason
Sorry has become synonymous with liar
And all you’ve done lately is throw me into the fire
Track Name: Slash & Burn
When you said family did you believe it would last
The way you slash and burn whatever is in your path
It makes me sick the way you deal
Well I’m on to you soon I’ll be gnawing at your heels

I’ll leave you with this warning, a peaceful aside
There’s more to life than pain and battle cries
My words don’t change much and neither does my mind
If I don’t make a difference at least I know I tried

It must be pretty easy going on and on again
Living through each other, through all your other friends
But maybe you’ll grow older and then one day you’ll see
How you destroyed the rest of your family

The music in my head won’t let me rest
The muscles in my throat won’t let me scream
Can’t sing myself to sleep tonight
Will I ever sleep again
I’ll sleep when I’m dead